About The Campaigns

iMitzvah.net was created to help people learn about and acquire the tools necessary to perform the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s ten Mitzvah campaign.

What are the ten themes?

Tefillin: Tefillin are donned by Jewish men over the age of 13 every weekday, excluding Shabbat and biblical holidays, and can be worn from dawn to sunset. Tefillin is a Mitzvah which connects our intellect and emotions to G-d. The Rebbe encouraged his disciples to help as many Jews as possible with this great Mitzvah.

Campaign launched: Spring of 1967 (5727).

Torah: Judaism is defined by the holy Torah. From the moment G-d gave his people the Torah at Mt. Sinai, Torah study has been the cornerstone of Jews and Judaism for all time. Parents rocked their children with the hope that they would grow up to be true Torah scholars, and through good times and bad times, the words of Torah learning never ceased to spill forth from the mouths of the Jewish people.

Campaign launched: 1974 (5734).

Mezuzah: Affixed to the doorpost of every Jewish home is a small scroll containing verse of the Torah laying down the foundations of our faith. It’s our Jewish home identity marker, and it’s G-d’s way of providing security to His children. The Talmud tells us that the Mezuzah protects the occupants of the home it graces. The protection package extends remotely too – even on the road, the Mezuzah protects its owner.

Campaign launched: February 7th, 1974 (15th of Shevat, 5734).

Charity: G-d planted needy people in this world in order to train us in the noble art of giving. The Torah reflects this with the strong obligation to give “Tzedakah.” Indeed, Tzedakah – commonly translated as charity – is one of the paramount Mitzvot of the Torah. A Jew always shares of his own with his brother and sister in need.

Campaign launched: Summer 1974 (5734).

Jewish Books: Jews are often called the “People of the Book.” It is important for a Jewish home to be full of Jewish Books. Create your own Jewish library at home. Donating Jewish books to a community library or synagogue is also encouraged. Don’t forget the kids either – buying them Jewish books “for keeps” is a great way to teach them to cherish their Jewish heritage.

Campaign launched: Summer 1974 (5734).

Shabbat candles:  A little flame dispels a lot of darkness, and so, Jewish women – the couriers of “light” to the world – light candles at the onset of Shabbat every week, to bring the warmth and light of the Torah and its commandments to their homes. The Jewish woman is trained in at a very young age; even girls three years old are encouraged to light the Shabbat candles.

Campaign launched: September 11th, 1974 (24th of Elul, 5734).

Family Purity: The laws of Family Purity take a complex part of life with many emotional strings and bring it to a whole new level of meaning. It elevates the man, the woman, and their relationship. Observance of this Mitzvah introduces a Divine aspect in to the marriage, which brings blessings to the entire family and added blessings for a healthy pregnancy, labor, and child. Plus, it can keep a relationship fresh and exciting.

Campaign launched: June 25th, 1975 (16th of Tammuz, 5735).

Kosher: More than a burgeoning business and a major health fad, kosher food is the “Jewish diet.” The Torah mandates that a Jew keep strict dietary laws which set him apart from the nations of the land and distinctly shape his lifestyle. Keeping a “kosher kitchen” and eating only in kosher establishments is a highly rewarding experience.

Campaign launched: May 10th, 1975 (29th of Iyar, 5735).

Jewish Education: Education consists of two aspects, self education and educating others. The goal of the campaign for “Jewish Education” is to assure that every Jewish child receives a Jewish education. The children carry on the legacy and tradition of their elders, and thus secure the continuity on the Jewish nation.

Campaign launched: 1975 (5735).

Loving your fellow Jew: The Jewish People, are compared to a human body. We are one people, and we ought to love and respect each and every Jew. When we truly care for each other we become a stronger people.

Campaign launched: September 13th, 1976 (18th of Elul 5736).


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