Jews are always learning Torah, and as such, the library was always an important place for the practicing Jew. Rows of bookshelves filled with Jewish holy books are a trademark of a Jewish home. From the book peddlers wandering through the villages of Eastern Europe to the online market, books have always been a trademark Jewish item. Not for naught are the Jews called “the people of the book.”


The Campaign

All are encouraged to acquire Jewish holy books and fill the house with them. Although one may have access to a public library or other sources of literature, it is best to build up a personal collection. Additionally, one is encouraged to expand existing libraries as well as creating new ones.



Brings to Learning

Owning Jewish holy books is a simple aide to learning Torah. A person naturally cherishes his own hard earned possessions. When you see your books beckoning from the shelf, it only stands to reason that, eventually, you’ll succumb and indulge yourself in Torah learning.

A Holy Home

Moreover, stocking the shelves of your home with Jewish holy books transforms the home into a holy edifice, filled with the words of the holy Torah.

Like Writing a Torah

Finally, buying Jewish holy books is, in a way, fulfilling the biblical precept of writing an actual Torah scroll. In days of old, Jews made an effort to either write their own personal scroll or at least hire someone to do so. Nowadays, this is somewhat replaced with the simple acquisition of Jewish holy books.

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