Donate has undertaken the task of creating a unique site, that will focus solely on the Rebbe’s 10 Mitzvah campaigns. Our site will be the one-stop site to educate and inform people about each of the 10 Mitzvos and provide all the necessary resources for anyone seeking to fulfill them properly.

The 10 themes are presented in an attractive, yet simple manner: Clear and concise articles explaining each mitzvah; images and videos; practical how-to guides and wizards and printable PDF files with all blessings and prayers. The site will soon contain a Judaica shop, making all items available at the click of the mouse (e.g. Tefillin and Mezuzos.)

Help us with this important project. Your generous contribution today will help us getting this site fully up and running as soon as possible, and bring the Rebbe’s Mivtzoim message to many more Jews.

Our life-force are the famous words of Maimonides - the renowned codifier of Jewish law: “A person should always consider the world as though it were on a perfectly even scale. One single Mitzvah can be the ‘last straw’ to tilt the balance and bring deliverance and salvation to all of mankind.”

Mishne Torah Hilchot Teshuva Chapter 3

The iMitzvah team

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