The perpetuation of Jewish tradition is maintained by a precious chain, father to son, mother to daughter, and teacher to student. As a young Jewish child is born and nurtured to adulthood, he or she is trained in the ways of his or her parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents before them. Education has always been a primary Jewish value, and it is what ensures that our children will follow in our ways.

The Torah extols the virtues of the very first Jew, Abraham, saying that he was one who “educated his children and his household.” All Jews, the children of Abraham, are charged with the responsibility to model such behavior and educate their children in the path of Torah and mitzvot.

The Campaign

The campaign is to educate every Jewish person. Young and old, infant and adult, every person must be educated and guided further along the path of Judaism.

More specifically, Jewish education starts at a very young age, from the moment the baby is born, and even before. The parents are to teach the child Jewish values and traditions, specifically Torah and mitzvot, at every opportunity. The child should receive a proper Jewish education in a Jewish school.

As with all the other campaigns, the responsibility is not only for your own family, but for every Jewish person. A Jew should be concerned about the Jewish education of his friends and anyone else he or she can possibly influence.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

An integral part of the Jewish educational system is the bar/bat mitzvah milestone. At this stage of a young Jew’s life, they reach “adulthood.” This is not just another reason for a party, but a real responsibility. At this point, the young Jewish boy or girl is officially obligated to fulfill every mitzvah of the Torah. It is a special time for the young adult to reflect on the fact that he or she is now privileged to be a full-fledged member of the Jewish nation. They are an integral link of an unending chain.


Jewish Continuity

The need for promoting Jewish education is obvious. The Jewish nation is inseparable from its heritage, and as such, it must be safely guarded. The only way to ensure it survives the trials of history is by properly educating the next generation.

Like a Young Tree

It is especially important to educate children at an early age. A person’s beginning years are the most impressionable times of his or her life, and it’s vital that they are shaped in the proper manner. Imagine a young tree that is slightly bent at the beginning stages of its growth; it will grow crooked forever. Likewise, a slight scratch can harm the tree for life, possibly even killing it.

A young child is equally fragile, if not even more so. Thus, it is most important that every effort is taken to ensure that he or she grows “straight:” educated in the proper manner, and with the utmost care.

Age Doesn’t Matter

Ultimately, education is not limited to youth or to the classroom. Any person can always learn something new at any point of his or her life. This is yet another central theme of this campaign.

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