Jewish Education: How to

  1. From the moment a Jewish couple finds out that they are to be privileged with a child, the responsibility of education begins. Prepare yourself for the baby-to-be.
  2. It is a proven fact that the atmosphere affects the fetus in its mother’s womb. As such, ensure that you are surrounded with good and holy things. Talk about good and holy things too.
  3. Even small children that don’t talk or seem to not understand are strongly affected by their surroundings. Talk to your child about Jewish values and mitzvot even if they don’t talk back.
  4. Tell them about their glorious history; about the patriarchs and matriarchs, and all the events that shaped the Jewish people.
  5. Send them to a Jewish school. It’s never too early to start, and there are plenty of Jewish preschools. See here for a chapter near you. (PUT A LINK)
  6. If this is impossible, make every effort that they receive some form of real Jewish education. Look for a local Chabad Hebrew school here. (PUT A LINK)
  7. Family get-togethers, such as Shabbat dinner is an especially good time to promote Jewish values. Review the weekly Torah portion (see here PUT A LINK to “Parshah”), tell over a Jewish story, or speak about any Jewish value worth promoting.
  8. Speak to your friends about Jewish education and its importance. Encourage them to join you in sending their children to Jewish school, or a Hebrew School.
  9. Educate anyone you encounter at any opportunity. King David called someone who taught him two things “my master and teacher,” so you can be anyone’s teacher too. Tell them a story, and anecdote, or a lesson.

Invite them to share it with someone else.

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