Torah: How To

  1. Learn Torah!
  2. Buy a Torah book on line. Here or here.
  3. Buy a Torah book at a local Jewish book store or check the “Religion section” in a general book store or library and start learning.
  4. Listen to a recorded Torah lesson.
  5. Surf online. The web is an unlimited resource for Torah knowledge.
  6. Search and participate in a local lecture or class.
  7. Arrange a study partnership with a colleague or Rabbi, or on the phone one on one. (say you heard about us on

It is extremely important to check the credibility of any Torah resource you seek. Unfortunately, there are many misconstrued and misrepresented “Torah” lessons, so make sure you are getting authentic Torah.

  1. Supporting Torah study is another important element of learning Torah. When possible, try to make a donation to a Torah-study cause or session.
  2. It’s not all about self. When you know something, teach something. As soon as you master your first verse, teach it to others!

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